When we talk about twenty first century, we realize the world with solution of every thing but beyond our imagination the reality exists. If we particularly talk about the diseases, then we would come across the fact that the diseases are still fatal as they were in previous century. With the growing era of speed and technology people spend most of their time resting and not doing physical efforts. This is the ring to the most common disease of this century which is the hypertension. About thirty percent of the world population is suffering from hypertension and high blood pressure. And ninety percent of the people are at risk of it if they do not have hypertension still. So we can say that half of the world deaths are due to high blood pressure and that can be due to heart attacks or strokes.

To cure this  disease, medical science are looking for different ways for making the drugs and medicine that can remove this problem from the body forever but still they can not manage it because there is no solution exist to cure it hundred percent. There is just a reduction of high blood pressure risk from 0.2-2.0 percent only. This is not a solution of this problem. The medical treatments are not only costly but they have no results. So why we have to get medical instead we can mange ourselves without using high intensity drugs.

There are several other methods that can help you to put down your hypertension levels without spending the money and taking the drugs that can have more side effects.

When we think about the any physical problem, we come to know that there are some symptoms and circumstances on the basis of them we get caught in specific disease. so as for the hypertension too much smoking, obesity, extra usage of alcohols, no physical works, taking lot of stress on mind and lack of self motivation are key factors.

Taking these all problems in our mind, if we remove the root then there would be no growth of hypertension. So we need to remove its symptoms to remove it totally from our bodies.

Below are some precautionary tips that can help you to solve out the problem by your self and you do not need to take extra medications to cure this disease. In fact, you can over come the problem at your own stability. But you have to be persistent and consistent.

  1. First of all, drink lots of water daily. Eight to ten glasses of water daily can keep you active and energetic.
  2. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables daily. Take high in fiber diet. Leave the saturated and starch full food. Use low cholesterol oil like olive oil and canola oils.
  3. Stop the smoking.
  4. Start exercising on the daily basis at least for half an hour. it does not mean that you have to stick to hard exercise but just do your favorite physical activities like dancing, playing football, hockey etc.
  5. Do go for a morning walk. It is the key to long life and health.
  6. Do not drink alcohol more than one fifty to two hundred millimeters on daily consumption level.
  7. Try to loose weight with consistency.
  8. Do not take stress and try to encourage yourself to face the reality of the world. You are what you are born to and you have to face the life. So be yourself and depend on your own abilities.

These are some guidelines that can help you to remove the hypertension as you are just curing the cause of the hyper tension. But you have to maintain you’re routine.