Greetings everyone!

Stress. Is stress the ultimate cause of high blood pressure? Is it inherited through your genes? What can you do to try to lower your blood pressure naturally?  Whatever the case may be dealing with high blood pressure can be an extremely difficult task.

Getting back to stress, obviously if you are dealing with tons of stress this will contribute to high blood pressure.  Being relaxed is the total opposite of being stressed.  When we are relaxed, it effects our body as a whole. 

The usage of herbs, aromatherapy and yoga, are alternate ways to treat high blood pressure.  Here's how:

Lemon balm - its appearance is similar to mint and it's extremely easy to grow. This particular herb is leafy and leaves a nice lemony scent.  Lemon balm is known to have a relaxing and undeniably calming effect while strengthening your muscles.  Lemon balm can be used in various ways, it can be used in salads or to marinate foods such as fish and chicken.  One side note, lemon balm should not be used by women during pregnancy.

Stinging Nettles - Stinging nettles are extremely useful.  Many people who suffer from suffer from arthritis use stinging nettles. Stinging nettles are also very rich in vitamin c. If you're looking for a good tea, try stinging nettles. It's extremely simple to make, just pick the top fresh shoots from the plant and use the easy to implement instructions.

Hawthorne - Hawthorne is known to relax muscles while stimulating the hearts metabolism as well as strengthen the hearts contractions.  It also improves your blood flow and blood supply to the heart. Found in English hedgerows Hawthorne was believe to have magical powers years ago in pagan times.  You should never take Hawthorne without consulting your doctor and herbal specialist.

There are countless useful herbs such as:

Lemon balm, fennel, ginger, basil, tarragon, black pepper and Hyssop. They all contain properties that will help reduce your blood pressure.

- these oils are natural and safe alternatives when used properly.  Without a doubt, this should not be taken internally or applied directly to your skin.

In closing, there are tons of ways to reduce high blood pressure naturally. In my estimation, the best way is to try to eliminate any stress that you may have.  Please try to avoid any stressful situations when possible. 

Hopefully, this bit of information will serve as a helpful guide.